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Welcome to the Beaverton Church of the Brethren

Continuing the Work of Jesus: Peacefully, Simply and Together

    The presence of the Church of the Brethren has been felt in the community of Beaverton and beyond for over 100 years.

    The members try to continually show the life of Jesus working in their daily lives. The volunteer fire department, medical fields, business, the banking industry, schools, disaster relief work, 4-H, Helping Hands Mission and Habitat for Humanity are just some of the areas you will see Brethren continuing the work of Jesus. Hard work is not the only sign of our members but a deep devotion to God and spiritual growth shine forth from their lives.

     Worship, prayer, and study come in the devotional lives of our members. We view discipleship as the process of being a life long learner and follower of Jesus.


3783 Shock Road

Beaverton, Michigan 48612
(989) 435-9851