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  Several Compton researchers, most notably, William H. Compton, in 1998 resumed publication of Comptonology - a publication previously edited by C. V. Compton from 1939 to 1952.  The new publication was published by William H. Compton with contributions from Clark Compton and many other researchers.  
  William had acquired most of the records of the original publisher, and also had many of his own.  William worked as a researcher with C.V. Compton.   He began publishing the second series on April 1, 1998.    Unfortunately, William H. Compton passed away on May 3, 2005. I have contacted the researcher who has acquired what was left of Mr. Compton's material. Unfortunately, almost all of what he acquired turned out to be useless. If anyone has information about collections of Compton genealogy data please contact me. 
    It would seem that the early Compton family liked to name their sons "John", with no middle name to differentiate.  There were also a lot of William, Philip and Henry Comptons.  The John Compton I am seeking died in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on 14 Dec 1811.  His will is quoted below. 
    If you have any information to help me find his birth date and parentage, please contact me. 

A directory page of various Compton researchers is available online at:

Comptonology issues available at the Library of Michigan in Lansing



 Another JOHN COMPTON - son of John Compton of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, moved to Michigan around 1837, and became a farmer and Methodist minister in Ionia County's Danby Township.  He wrote a brief autobiography before his death at the age of 95.   I have printed that work below, along with a commentary by C. V. Compton. 
   John is the brother of Mary, who became the bride of Alpha David.  Their younger brother was Phillip Runyon David.  All three of them lived on adjacent properties in Danby township.  Many of their descendants are still in the area, and number in the thousands.  
If you have any insights on this question please email me!!!. 
Transcription of the Will of John Compton of Perth Amboy, NJ 

Approximate transcription of the will of John Compton dated 12/11/1811, probated 5/12/1812, Perth Amboy, NJ:  mentions wife, Elsie, to have certain articles, and after her death to my son John and daughter Mary; after my wife's death my daughters, Rachel Webb certain money, Anna Stillwell $50.00 toward building her house; Sara Johnson 100 acres in Ohio over what already received; daughter Mary is to have bed and bedding; son, John also bed and bedding and $50.00; son Philip $75.00 and my books to be divided among Mary, John and Philip -the remainder of my property to go to my three youngest children viz. Mary, Philip and John.  Executors - wife Elsie and Samuel Barton, Piscataway.  Witnesses: John Lewis, Austin Barton & John Barton.  Inventory made by Geo. Compton & Austin Barton which includes weaver's loom, gears and tackling, bible, carpenter's tools, sail boat, skiff and oyster beds. 

    This will seems to indicate that John was an oyster man and weaver.  It is clear, from this will and from the autobiography of his son, that John had two families: The first by his first wife, the second by his second wife, Elsie Coriel (or Coryell). George Compton made the inventory.  Does anyone know who he was? 

    In Comptonology , C. V. Compton made the following speculation: "Without documentary evidence Comptonology is placing this Compton family as descendants of Samuel Compton b. 1712, son of John and Elizabeth Mundy Compton, and grandson of William and Mary Wilmot Compton, the 1st Comptons of Woodbridge, NJ." 


John Compton Autobiography - A self written story by Rev. John Compton (published in Comptonology, Page 238):  
   My name is John Compton, born 9/6/1809, Perth Amboy, NJ and my father's name was John Compton born 7/15/1759 and died 12/15/1811.  He came to his death by falling on the edge of his boat, and he came from England.  My father had been a widower seven years when he married my mother, Elsie Runyon, and her maiden name was Elsie Coriel, and her first husband was Philip Runyon.  She had six children by this marriage, viz. Lewis, Drake, Adelia, Esther, Jane and Margaret.  Lewis Runyon was born in Essex Co. on 10/11/1784 and this Lewis Runyon had 11 children, viz. Philip, Betsy, Catheryne, Louisa, Sally, Caroline, Lucy, Nancy, Mary Jane, Albert and Lewis Pangburn.  My father was married three times. 
   My father died 12/15/1811, age sixty-two, my mother died 1/2/1832, my brothers are all dead.  I joined the church at age of 16 at Bath, Steuben Co., NY, at age of 20 I left Bath and went to Penn Yan, Yates Co., NY to finish my tailor work and lived there six months and then returned to Wayne, Steuben Co. to care for my aged mother. 
   I married Miss Ann Hull 1st, 7/11/1831 in Bath and had 4 children, viz. Martin (b. 2/1/1834), Elmira (b. 2/23/1836) then we moved to Michigan 9/1/1837 and Elizabeth (b. at Danby, Ionia Co., MI on 4/30/1838) and Olive (b. 10/30/1840 and d. 1841), my wife died 9/27/1841.  Then I married Eliza Nickle 2/14/1842, born in Ireland and parents were John and Margaret Nickle, and had daughter, Diana Ann born 2/3/1843 died 1845.  The Methodist Church was formed at my home in 1838, I was a preacher in the church for 31 years, ordained by Bishop Simpson at Ionia 9/27/1860, married 91 couples, my wife Eliza died 11/7/1893 

Comments by C. V. Compton in Comptonology, Page 238: 
   The Rev. John Compton died 7/6/1895 and is buried in Danby Cemetery, Mulliken, MI.  This Rev. John had a sister Mary who married Alfred [Alpha] David and they had 12 children and John's brother Philip married and had eight children. 
   History of Danby Twp, Ionia Co., MI, by Marian Hathawy: "Several settlers in 1837 and the most influential one was Rev. John Compton, who came from New York State, after filing on his land he went back to New York and brought his family to Ionia Co. arriving in the fall of 1837, and the next spring the first white child, Jane Compton, born 4/20/1838 in Ionia and she married Sylvarnes Peabody from New York State.  In 1879 the Compton Methodist Church was built, named for Rev. Compton.  Rev. Compton was the first postmaster in the township.  Rev. Compton brought from New York a chest of medicine, and during the fever and plague season became a doctor which profession he followed for three or four years.  He was also a preacher and teacher.  Mr. Compton and his father-in-law Daniel Hull planted the first apple orchard and apples were started all over Ionia Co. from this orchard.   
   "Mr. Compton died 7/17/1895 at his daughter Jane Peabody's home and is buried in Danby Cemetery.  Rev. John Compton's sister, Mary, married Alfred [Alpha] David and they bought a farm in Danby Township in 1844, and their daughter, Hester Ann David was the first school teacher in Danby Township, MI.  Jane Compton Peabody was the first white child born in Danby Township and lived to be 91 years old." 

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