Dial-up Internet Service - Endless Journey, voted Mid-Michigan's #1 Peoples Choice Internet Service Provider 6 years in a row. Specializing in providing quality Internet access to over 210 Michigan communities Endless Journey also offers nationwide roaming at no additions fee. No other Regional Internet service pays more attention to the details than Endless Journey does.

FAST V.90 Dial-up Speeds * Unlimited Access * 3 Email Accounts * 5MB Personal Web Space * FREE Email Virus Scanning * FREE Junk Email (Spam) filtering Email & Live Telephone Support 7 days a week.  NO CONTRACTS!!

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High Speed Wireless Internet - Wireless broadband service from Endless Journey offers our customers an always-on high speed internet connection to your home or business. Unlike DSL, Cable or dialup, all service is provided by Endless Journey with no extra charges for a phone lines or Digital Cable. We provide you with the equipment, service, and support for wireless access.

This service isn't "wireless" in the same sense that your cell phone is. This is a fixed connection that is installed at your home or office with either an antenna mounted outside or a small antenna placed inside the home or office. This is more like getting DSL or a cable modem, but instead of wires, you have an antenna installed.

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Web Hosting - Reliable & Affordable Web Hosting Services. Make your own web site or we can direct you to a web designer. Full featured hosting with PHP, FrontPage, ASP, MySQL, and Exceptional Customer Support!

The Internet is the perfect place for any business seeking an inexpensive, effective, fast-paced, future-oriented manner of letting the world know who they are, what services they have to offer, what products they have to sell, and what information they have to share.  Endless Journey Web Hosting is your perfect partner.

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*Refunds are prorated for time used at un-discounted monthly rates. A $20.00 cancellation fee applies to any prepaid account needing a refund. A 40% Collection fee on the outstanding balance will be assessed to all accounts that go to Collections or require legal action. A $20.00 activation fee will be charged on any account that is suspended or terminated and reactivated.
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