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Endless Journey Internet
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Gladwin, MI 48624
(989) 426-3610
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Let us fix it for you!!  By following a few simple instructions, you
can allow our technicians to remote control your computer and
fix your issue FAST!! (must call office first for instructions)

EJourney Basic Settings
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:
NNTP Server: de-commissioned 2/1/07
News Password: None needed
Dial-Up Numbers
Up to 56K: 246-0790
National Dialup: Click Here
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(example: joex)
Your Password: The password you gave us
(example: secretpassword)

Technical Support Boundaries
Endless Journey Internet Support Group

Endless Journey prides itself on having one of the premier Technical Support departments in the industry. Our Technical Support Representatives are well versed in the use and setup of Internet components. Because of this extensive knowledge, customers often solicit a representative's advice on issues other than the function and features of Endless Journey services. Endless Journey's Technical Support Representatives will always use their knowledge to help isolate a customer's problem. The problem, once identified, is often not related to the Endless Journey or its configuration. It is necessary to draw boundaries for the support given by the Technical Support Department.

1. Endless Journey software operates primarily using established default Microsoft dial-up networking software. Problems with File-Sharing, Printing, Scanning and any other service that runs at the Application Layer and are not directly related to Endless Journey are beyond the boundaries of Endless Journey Technical Support.

2. Endless Journey's software is designed to interoperate successfully with most manufacturers' hardware products. If the Endless Journey Technical Support Rep determines that the Endless Journey software is performing its functions in accordance with applicable specifications, we will attempt to isolate the source of the problem. However, Endless Journey Technical Support cannot address the configuration of any third-party products such as ethernet cards, servers, routers, hubs, switches, firewalls, printers, scanners or digital cameras.

3. Once it has been established that the Endless Journey software is working properly, Endless Journey's support responsibility ends. Configuration or troubleshooting of any problems related to VPN adapters, Ethernet cards, File and Print Sharing, Net Bios Name Resolution, WINS, NT Domain issues, or any other Microsoft Networking issues are the customer's responsibility.

4. Endless Journey Technical Support is happy to help its customers integrate Endless Journey products into their network design, but it is the customer's responsibility to first develop the network design. If the customer is not comfortable developing a network design, Endless Journey Customer Service can refer an independent local network consultant.

5. If more than one Endless Journey Technical Support Rep has determined that a particular customer issue is not related to the Endless Journey router, no additional calls on that particular issue can be addressed.

6. Endless Journey Technical Support Reps endeavor to solve customer problems in a methodical, calm, professional manner. We expect our customers to do the same. Customers who use abusive language and/or profanity will immediately lose their Technical Support privileges.

These boundaries are designed to provide the highest quality Technical Support to Endless Journey Customers. The efficiency and expertise of the Support Group must be tightly focused in order to continue our tradition of excellent Technical Support.

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