Endless Journey, voted Mid-Michigan's #1 Internet Service Provider 7 years in a row, specializes in providing quality Internet access. Over 95% of Michigan communities are serviced locally. With single network Nationwide roaming, you can take your Endless Journey with you when you move or travel. No other Regional Internet service pays more attention to the details than Endless Journey does. With managed connections starting with 56K dial-up connections and going up to dedicated T1/T3 & High Speed Wireless connections. For information about our other services, call (989)426-3610. For rapid activation by credit card you can sign-up online.

FAST V.90 Dial-up Speeds
Unlimited Access
3 Email Accounts
5MB Personal Web Space
FREE Email Virus Scanning
FREE Junk Email (Spam) filtering w/ User Quarantine
Email & Live Telephone Support 7 days a week.

 $9.95 per month - Limited Access (20 Hours p/Month)
 $17.95 per month - Unlimited Access billed to Credit Card
 $19.95 per month - Unlimited Access Invoice billing
 $49.95 Quarterly - Unlimited Access (equals 16.65 p/m)
 $89.95 Six Months - Unlimited Access (equals 14.99 p/m)
$155.90 Annual- Unlimited Access (ONLY 12.99 per month!)

Sign Up NOW!!

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