High Speed Satellite Internet
Not every home has access to DSL or Cable broadband Internet access services. The costs of setting up this technology throughout the country, to each home, are in the billions of dollars. Given that over 27 million homes in the US currently do not have access to a broadband connection and the costs associated with setting up the services infrastructure are so high, many of us will never have the option of DSL and Cable.

Satellite gives almost everyone lightning-fast Internet access. Here’s how it works:

The download of information from the Internet to your computer goes from the satellite direct to your PC. The upload of information from your computer to the Internet goes first via an existing phone line to Endless Journey Internet and then is uploaded to the satellite. Regardless of where you live, if you have a clear view of the southern sky, you should be able to get high-speed Internet. This is a one-way Satellite product that includes a back-up dial-up account if the Satellite product ever becomes unavailable.

 ▪ Available everywhere!!
 ▪ Download large files in minutes, not hours
 ▪ Email for Everyone in the house



The budget surfer package is for those that only need up to 25x the speed of Dialup. Tired of waiting for graphics to load on web pages?  Well, wait no more! Our Budget Surfer runs about twice the speed of the average DSL service.

This plan is perfect for everyday surfing. Online shopping, Research, and Homework can be done in a fraction of the time required with dialup internet.

What do you get?
 ▪ Five (5) E-Mail boxes,
 ▪ 512 kbps Down (actual speed vary, but normally higher than 512k)
 ▪ Knowledgeable Technical Support


  Hardware Package

 ▪ Satellite Dish & LNB
 ▪ PCI Satellite Modem/Receiver
 ▪ Satellite mounting hardware
 ▪ Up to 100' RG6 Coaxial Cable

$299.00  Equipment Package
special pricing (see below)
Typical Installation Package

 ▪ Installation of Satellite Dish & LNB & Aiming
 ▪ Installation of PCI Satellite Modem/Receiver
 ▪ Grounding equipment to earth ground
 ▪ Installation of RG6 Coaxial Cable to Sat Modem

$199.00  Professional Installation
special pricing (see below)
 ▪ One-time System Activation fee of $200.00
 ▪ Any other services requested by the end-user will be billed separately

*** SUMMER of SAVINGS  *** (Valid thru August 31, 2007)
Save $175.00 on System Activation      (Only $25.00)
Save $50.00 on Hardware Package       (Only $249.00 + tax)
Save $50.00 on Profession Installation (Only $149.00)
SAVINGS OF $275.00 + First Month FREE*

INSTALLED COMPLETE = $437.94 (Tax included)

*First Month FREE promotion valid unless customer cancels service within first 6 months

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